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Living On One Dollar This film made by 4 students who went to Guatamala to try to live under local conditions – for a dollar a day – is authentic and positive. Free on Netflix. It does not ask for your money, it asks for less than an […]


The Findhorn ‘New Story’ Film

Change the Story, Change the World A gift from the Findhorn Foundation   The Making of the Film The film was inspired by the New Story Summit at the Findhorn Foundation: a sold-out multicultural, multigenerational enquiry into a new story for humanity, attended by change makers and activists from over 50 countries. […]


Re-Blog – George Monbiot’s Fowl Deeds

Fowl Deeds by  George Monbiot. Brilliant, knowledgeable, heartfelt. Please share. “Fowl Deeds 19th May 2015 The astonishing, multiple crises caused by chicken farming.   By George Monbiot, published in the Guardian 20th May 2015 It’s the insouciance that baffles me. To participate in the killing of an animal: this […]



 “Once upon a time”, Some students of comparative literature met after lectures to discuss verses they had to critique. Discussion became stalled when they came to a remarkable expression:”  And He shall sit as a refiner and purifier of silver.” They had no idea what it meant. One […]

Storm clouds of severe thunder storm above Sydney - Guardian image

Inner Ecology

The  photo below shows a plane flying through the clouds of a severe storm.  There are suggestions that severe weather is one of the effects of global warming. Just as we fear our new highly charged extreme weather, I also fear inner storms as I battle to move […]

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Becoming: Things are Changing!

A New Tipping Point in the Right Direction “Scientists are speaking.  97 of them.  Since September 7, 2014, the founder of, John Cook, has been releasing quotes by distinguished scientists from around the world.  One each hour.   The quotes (and graphics) are on the SkepticalScience twitter feed […]

A male Polar Bear (Ursus maritimus) starved to death due to climate change, Svalbard, Norway

From Pawprint to Footprint.

Starved polar bear perished due to record sea-ice melt, says expert.  Climate change has reduced ice in the Arctic to record lows in the past year, forcing animals to range further in search of food. Polar Bears: Here is part of the article, written by Damian Carrington “A starved […]